Views of the city.

Views of the convent where we stayed.

The narrow streets of the old city.

Church of the Flagellation.

Bikes and scooters are the scourge of the streets!

The door of the convent where we stayed.

Street views.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcre.

A Jerusalem square.

I know that man!

The Tower of David.

More street views.

The Dome of the Rock.

More street views.

The mysterious stranger again!


From the roof of the convent. A nearby minaret.

The roof of the convent.

Shot from the convent roof.

Sunset over Jerusalem.

The convent and our elevator.

And in the basement. 2000 years old!

A Jerusalem street.

Christ's tomb is enclosed within this Aedicule at the Church of the Holy Sepulcre.

The line-up to enter was always huge!

The place where Christ's body lay.

A street view.

The western or Wailing Wall.

A corner of the Temple Mount and cemeteries in the distance.

The al Aqsa Mosque.

Ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins.

The hall of the Israel Museum.

The Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea scrolls).

Street views.

The sad story of the spilled milk.

The ramp to the Temple Mount.

The Western Wall.

On the Temple Mount.

Views of the Dome of the Rock.

On the Temple Mount.

Street views, and that mysterious stranger.

The mysterious stranger, apparently buying juice.

Western Wall.

Damascus Gate.

I am following the mysterious stranger, and, yes, he is walking uphill.

Storm clouds over the al Asqa Mosque.

Israeli soldiers at the Western Wall.

A tunnel along the base of the Temple Mount.

Ancient underground cisterns.


Thank you!
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